Name: Kevin Scott Richardson
Nicknames: train, Mr. Body Beautiful, Kev, Boo, Kevi
Birthday: October 2,1972
Age: 26
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Birth Place: Lexington, Kentucky
Current Residence: Orlando, Fl
Weight: 175 pounds
Height: 6'1"
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Green
Family: Ann and Jerald Richardson Sr. (his dad past away in 1991)- parents, Jerald and Tim-siblings
Pets: A cat named Quincy
First Ambition: To be a singer and to be a pilot
Fave Book: "Interview with a vampire" by Anne Rice
Fave Singer: TAFKAP, D'Angelo
Fave Music Groups: The Eagles
Fave Song: New Edition's "Hit Me Off"
Fave Movie: The Shawshank Redemtion
Fave Actors: Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise
Fave Actresses: Nicole Kidman, Demi Moore
Fave T.V Shows: Martin, Roseanne
Fave Food: His mothers cooking
Fave Breakfast: Waffles or pancakes w/ maple syrup
Fave Snack: Peanut butter and jam on Ritz crackers
Fave Ice Cream: Ben&Jerry's Peanut butter and chocolate
Fave Drink: Non-carbonated mineral water w/ lots of ice
Fave Color: Royal Blue
Fave Cars: BMW 850
Fave School Subject: History, Geometry
Least Fave School Subject: Algebra
Fave Cologne: XS de Paco Rabanne
Fave Sports: Football, surfing, rugby, horseback riding, swimming
Fave Pastimes: Wacthing films, weightlifting
Fave Getaway Place: His familys home in Kentucky
Fave Childhood Memory: Christmastime
Fave Saying: "What's up?"
Distinctive Traits: He loves to fly


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