True Confessions

****NOTE: I dont know if these are true i just know that this is what the article said.****

Nicks Confession:

"I don't have many friends. I just have these guys."

Kevins Confession:
"I wish I had AJ's voice. He has that raspy soul funk voice, and Brian has that smooth Kenny Logins kind of voice, the kind that drives girls wild. Mine is really pure, nothing special about it."

Brians Confession:
"I bite my fingernails. I've bitten them all my life. My mom was always like, "Get your finger out of your mouth!" I've tried to stop and it's something that bothers me because when I'm signing autographs, the girls are like, "You bite your nails!" But I still do it!"

Howies Confession:
"I'm sick of Gummy Bears! A while back, I said I liked them, but then I got sent so many by fans that I was eating them everyday. Now I'm like, No more Gummy Bears, please. I'm trying to keep my figure so I've got to stay awa from chocolates, too."

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