It's a Boy Thing

Being part of a group has a lot of perks; sucess, fame, money and instant friends to name a few. Backstreet Boys Brian Littrell and Nick Carter know just how important good friends really are. Despite the five year age difference, the singers are the best of friends. "We're always hanging out together. It's hard to say exactly why we get on so well...our personalities just seem to have clicked," says Nick.

Nicknamed Frick and Frack, the two Boys share a mutual admiration. Being the youngest member of the group, Nick looks up to Brian. Does Brian feel presured about being one of the biggest influences in Nick's life? Absolutley not; he couldn't be more pleased. "Nick is like the kid brother I never had," says Brian. "I'm proud of him, he's my little frack!"

Well, Nick has an equal amount of good things to say about Brian. Where as sometimes fame can swell a person's head, Brian has remained levelheaded and down-to-earth. "He's totally stayed the same," says Nick. "I think we're all coping well, to be honest." And the only thing that ever throws Brian for a 'hoop.' BasketBall. He's crazy about the game and at one time, even had hopes of playing in the NBA.

So, do the two share similar opinions on love and romance? You bet. Brian is a very caring and understanding person and has no problem displaying his emotions. Nick thinks of himself as a down-to-earth, ordinary guy who puts on no flase pretenses. Despite their pop star status, both guys still enjoy the simple things in life. Brians idea of a good night is having dinner with a special lady and cuddling up with a good movie. Nick's ideal night would include tons of food, video games and his family. Whether they're harmonizing a love song, hanging out or just being silly, Brian and Nick are always in perfect sync.

Who's had the biggest influence on your life?
NICK: Frick
BRIAN: Thanks, Frack. Actually, that's probably not too far off the truth. I've maybe not had the BIGGEST influence on him, but perhaps in the last three and a half years, when he's done most of his growing up. So it's probably me and his parents.

Is Nick a good role model for the younger fans?
BRIAN: Occasinally! No to be honest, I think he's done really well. Being in this position as young as he is, he's handled everything that's com his way lika a grown man.

Would Brian make a good boyfriend?
NICK :Ooh, that's a tricky one. I guess so, particularly if the girl was me, ha ha! She'd have to full of energy and enjoy doing active things like playing Nintendo. But he's a caring kinda guy-I reckon if he found the right girl, he'd do anything for her.

What sort of girls does he like?
NICK: He likes Pamela Anderson and Sandra Bullock.
BRIAN: While Nick likes the real dark haired girls-the total opposite of him.

Which song is Brian most proud of?
NICK: He loves "I'll Never Break Your Heart", but hmmm...what else?
BRIAN: I don't know if I should say my ones, but I'm really proud of "Quit Playing Games".
NICK: Yeah, of course. You do pretty well on that one-then again, I do, too! Don't I?

What's most important to him-love, fame or money?
NICK: That's a tricky one. They've all got their place I suppose.
BRIAN: C'mon Frack! It's an easy one!
NICK: Oh yeah, that's right, it'll be love.

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