1. Backstreet Boys are From?

A. New York, NY
B. Orlando, FL
C. Tulsa, Ok.
D. Miami, Fl.

2. The Name Of Their First Album Is?

A. Backstreet Boys
B. Roll With It
C. Weíve got it goiní on
D. Just to be close

3. What is Kevinís zodiac sign?

A. Aries
B. Aquarius
C. Libra
D. Sagitarius

4. How old are the Backstreet Boys (each of them, youngest-oldest)?
A. 18, 20, 24, 25, 26
B. 19, 20, 23, 25, 27
C. 19, 21, 23, 25, 26
D. 18, 21, 22, 25, 27

5. What Size Shoe Does Nick Wear?

A. Mens 11
B. Mens 10
C. Mens 9
D. Mens 11.5

6. This Song has this line in it ďWithout you I donít think I can liveĒ.

A. Everybody
B. Thatís the way I like it
C. Roll With It
D. All I have to Give

7. If You Wanted To Write To the Backstreet Boys In Orlando what zip code would you use?

A. 69523-6985
B. 58965-9856
C. 32861-8203
D. 25698-8203

8. This song was written by B-rok?

A. Thatís what she said
B. Everybody
C. Roll With It
D.Anywhere for you

9. Who Produced All I Have To Give?

A. Kevin
B. Denniz Pop
C. Max Martin
D. Full Force

10. How do you spell Nickís middle name?

A. Gean
B. Gene
C. Jean
D. Jene

11. What is the very first word on both of the albums?

A. Everybody
B. Hey
C. Groove
D. Music

12. Who did AJ get to meet last year ?

A. his dad
B. his aunt
C. his uncle
D. his grand father

13.Who is their record label?

A. Jive
B. Zomba
C. Trans-Continental

14. What are Nick and Brians nickname (that go together)?

A. B-rok, Nicky
B. Frick and Frack
C. Kaos and Frick
D. Frack and B-rok

15. What class was Brian in when he got the phone call?

A. American History
B. English
C. Math
D. Geography

16. What Instrument Does Nick Play?

A. Drums
B. Trumpet
C. Sax
D. guitar

17. "Itís Crazy but Itís True " Is From What Song?

A. Roll With It
B. I wanna be with you
C. Just to be close
D. Iíll never break your heart

18. In their thank yous who put a passage from the bible?

A. Brian
B. Howie
C. Nick
D. Kevin

19. What is Howieís Fave film?

A. Scream
B. Willie Wonka and the chocolate factory
C. I Know What You Did Last Summer
D. Titanic

20. On The World Music Awards what award did they win?

A. Best dance
B. Best pop
C. Best group
D.Best song

21. Who wasnít at the World Music Awards?

B. Howie
C. Brian
D. Nick

22. In what order are the guys standing in the Backstreetís Back Album?

A. Nick, Aj, Kevin, Brian, Howie
B. Kevin Nick AJ Howie Brian
C. Kevin Nick Howie AJ Brian
D. Brian Nick Howie Kevin Aj

23. What Is Kevin Favorite Subject?

A. History
B. English
C. Science
D. Math

24. What Is Nickís Favorite Color?

A. Orange
B. Blue
C. Red
D. Green

25. What is AJís fave accessory?

A. hats
B. sunglasses
C. rings
D. earings

26. At What Age Did Nick move to Tampa?

A. 6
B. 4
C. 10
D. 8

27. Where Is Howieís Fave Place?

A. Orlando
B. New York
C. California
D. Niagara Falls

28. What is Kevinís worst habit?

A. bitting his fingernails
B. Bits his tongue sometimes
C. Plays with his clothes
D. none of those

29. What is Brians fave food?

A. Macoronni & cheese
B. Pizza
C. Cinnamon Buns
D. Oriental


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