The Backstreet Boys Talk About Love

It may look glamorous, but the life of a pop star isn't always easy. Constantly touring the world, never hanging around one place long enough to begin any kind of friendship, the Backstreet Boys know how difficult it is to not only find the right girl but to keep her. Who are the guys datingis by far the most popular question asked by their female fans, but it is not alway easy to get a straight answer.

Although none of the Backstreet Boys currenly admits to being in a relationship, they all date. Nick, the youngest member of BSB, says he's never been in love, but he is looking for a soul mate with a sweet personality. "She doesn't have to be someone who has everything-every characteristic you've ever dreamed of a girl having. But if she fits the characteristic that fits you, and you like her alot, well, then that's what I'm looking for," Nick once said. "Just as long as she has a great personality and a good heart, and she's really nice, I'll be satisfied." As the oldest member of the group, Kevin has been involved in serious relationships and was even engaged once, but realized, at 19, he was too young to settle down. Now that he's older, Kevin has said on more than one occasion, that he would like to find that someone special and maybe start a family. This is one BSB who gets tons of fan mail, but not just from young girls. Kevin recieves letters from women in their thirties and forties! Maybe it's the seriousness in them.

AJ, who has the reputation of being a ladies' man, claims that he does get along very well with females, mostly due to th fact that he was raised by his mother and grandmother. Because of his theatrical and artsy background, AJ didn't always get along well with the guys at school, so he spent most of his time (when he wasn't dancing or acting) talking with the ladies.

As told in Billboard's Unofficial book on the biys, AJ's first crush was on his forthgrade teacher, Miss Olney. Having moved on from admiring his teachers, AJ still dates an ex-girlfriend named Marissa, whom he considers to be his best friend. It's also been reported that AJ has his eye on No Doubt's lead singer, funky Gwen Stefani and hopes to one day do a show with them. Anything's possible!

For Brian, who tends to be a bit on the shy side, looks aren't the main focus. He's more concerned with her personality. "I'm lokking for a very giving person-someone who's open and trustworthy and willing to have fun," says Brian. "she also has to be atletic, so we can go for a jog and lift weights together and have fun that way." Some of Brian's favourite ladies are Pamela Anderson, Sandra Bullock and his favourite Spice Girl is Scary Spice, Mel B.

Giving AJ some serious competition, Howie also rates very highly with the ladies. After all, he is the one everyone calls the Latin Lover, but Howie is very private about his personal life. He has revealed, though, that he wants a huge Catholic wedding and three kids and someone who he can have fun with. "My idea of the perfect girl is someone who likes to have fun and enjoy life," Howie says. "I's a very free and loving guy, and I try to have fun with life and not take thing so seriously."

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